Roof Repair and Replacement – Instructional Movie Available

In many older buildings roof restoration is very often necessary to preserve the structure, as well as keeping the structure’s composition by not rotting. Whilst any well-constructed rooftop gives many decades of service, with all the weather elements that are inflicted year-round, natural deterioration does occur. Having a full roof restoration is often a very expensive exercise loaded with options impacting on the structural and aesthetic qualities of your home.

Another question is to decide to either mend or substitute? Whilst repairing an existing roof is usually a lot less expensive, there is the added issue of having to continually repair the roof over time, as the components continue to weather and fail. Whereas deciding to completely replace a faulty roof structure, although expensive, can often be the best overall solution. This is particularly relevant to areas that are exposed to extreme weather elements, such as when re roofing Barossa Valley properties.

Recently though there has been an excellent reference movie released publicly to assist in covering all the pitfalls and issues that a property owner needs to consider when investigating the task of roof repairs and/or replacement. This video has been put together by Austek Roofing and is an excellent resource for explaining to non technical people the elements and details in roof repair and maintenance.

The video goes into minor details as well as to the local government requirements for different areas into the building standards applicable to replacing heritage building roofs, as well as options with material selection and lifespan. These options include such materials as metal, timber and slate options. Usually the best choice if there is not a heritage requirement overlaying the building is to select the metal roofing option as this roofing material provides the best performance over time as to degradation of weathering and looks.

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